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May 22, 2024

Dance defiant against the big dumb brutes

When their oppressors fled, the people of Mali danced. The African women wrapped themselves in bright colors, some even bared their bellies, and they got out into the street and shimmied. How sweet, freedom. It makes you want to dance.

Pomo prayers

Without a pandemic or a severely hobbled economy, Sonoma County is still a wonderful place to live. Let’s pray that all that wonderfulness soon blooms in full once again. But we cannot go back in time, even if we wanted to, and we know our Sonoma County is being permanently changed in unknown ways, as we stay masked and panicky. Meanwhile, think good thoughts.

Letters to the editor 11-17-16

Supply and demand

Decoding Teenagers

I remember when I first became a mother. The year was 2002 and it was truly life changing. Then it happened again in 2003, and again in 2007, and for the last time, in 2015. I am the proud parent of four wonderful children, two of them are teenagers. I often remember my parents saying throughout the years, “Just wait Elizabeth, just wait until they are teenagers.” Well, incredibly, that time has come. I find myself now in a very exciting, very scary, very important time with my two older children. There will be no other time in their lives or mine, when they will experience such rapid growth and maturity.

Community Corner

Chris Love

Commentary: Public safety requires consideration and transparency

Public safety and policing in Windsor and Sonoma County will be a topic we must wrestle with. The need to delineate specific defining features of our local policing policy is now a concern of significant proportions. I would like to comment for the record to our town leaders specific elements where there are limited, yet real, linkages between perceptions and legitimate concerns for when they take this issue up. 

Cityscape: Looking at Measure V

Hello, and happy 2020. Every January, the city asks you how Measure V funds should be spent via an online and print survey.