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December 8, 2023

Letters to the Editor 3-12-15

Not Windsor’s Hospital

Letters to the Editor 2-4-16

Look for the win-win

Signature Sculpture Captures the Eye and Imagination

The sculpture to the left is by Robert Graham. This statue, like others by Graham, is titled Untitled Torso. He did hundreds of untitled torsos. It’s a signature shape, establishing his reputation for sculpting large female and male figures.  This torso is made of solid...

But I Digress… 10-13-16

Hello. My name is Steven. And I am a golf nerd.

Susan Swartz

Some of the old pink is the new pink


— Rollie Atkinson

Letters to the Editor 2-6-14

An effective leader

Commentary: Will Healdsburg’s city council lead on climate action?

The Healdsburg City Council adopted a climate emergency declaration in 2019 and has taken some isolated actions since then. However, the city lacks a comprehensive Climate Action Plan with deadlines and staff/budget allocations. Healdsburg 2040, a citizen-led grassroots organization, believes the city council must prioritize climate action in its goal-setting session on March 7, 2022.

The son also rises

I  gotta be honest here. Don’t you love it when people say that? It implies that, up until that moment, he or she has been less than honest, calling into question your entire relationship with said apparent serial liar.