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March 24, 2023

Decoding Teenagers: Leggo my Eggo

For the first time in many years I made a New Year’s resolution. I promised myself that no matter what, I would faithfully attend yoga classes twice a week. I believe that a rested Mom is a better Mom, a win-win for myself and my two teenagers.

Letters to the Editor 4-21-16

Become a volunteer

Deliberation better than ballot

In last week’s commentary a local group called on the city council to enact an immediate moratorium on hotels and tasting rooms while developing...

From the Wine Library

Feast for the intellect and  the Senses: The Italian odyssey in Sonoma County

A different Labor Day

This Labor Day is unlike any other we can remember in our lifetime. There is more labor to be done than there are willing workers. It seems there is a “help wanted” sign hanging on almost every other door or store window we pass. The biggest concern for local grape growers as the 2017 harvest begins is finding enough workers to pick their crops. With the official unemployment rate at 3.9 percent, this Labor Day in Sonoma County will be marked in stark contrast to recent Labor Days that were marred by a recession when the local unemployment rate hit a high of just over 11 percent.

Some day we’ll laugh about this . . . right? Celebrate!

Last week my husband and I celebrated a milestone; we have now been married for 21 years. To commemorate the occasion, we went out to an early dinner, bought a set of towels for our bathroom (and retired the old ones to the garage) and looked at our wedding album.

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 1

Local girl makes good bread

Ripe Rewards


50 Shades of Grey

Telling right from wrong, what’s desirable or less so, or how to make the best decision from a long list of choices has never been a “black and white” affair. We often pretend it’s that easy and we always have preferred a simple “yes” or “no.”