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July 14, 2024

Are you a citizen?

We rarely quote our president, Donald Trump, but here goes: “I’m proud to be a citizen, you’re proud to be a citizen. The only people that are not proud to be citizens are the ones who are fighting us all the way about the word ‘citizen.’”

Prudent protection

— Rollie Atkinson

Taxis and amigos

Since retiring, I have come to Arequipa, Peru, for two or three

Councilman Comes Around on Growth Management Ordinance

City Council
"We have finalized a ballot measure for Healdsburg’s voters that encourages housing that is best suited to Healdsburg’s workers," writes Councilmember Chris Herrod, "near the city center, close to transportation and jobs, and where higher density units make the most sense, both cosmetically and economically (and in accord with our climate goals)..."

Some religious thing

I do not intend the following to be mere nostalgia, but rather a description of a safer world in which a teenaged boy would not likely be shot by a police officer.

Making ends meet off the farm

Any farmer will tell you: it takes more than just a green thumb to run a farm. The skills required to succeed in agriculture extend beyond sowing seeds and harvesting. They must understand tractor maintenance and marketing, irrigation and bookkeeping. But a recent survey of North Bay farmers revealed an even more surprising array of oftentimes necessary skills: bartending, journalism, non-profit communications, realty, software engineering and more.


In September of last year I sent a commentary to the Tribune from Arequipa, Peru, called Taxis and Amigos. In it I gave an account of a 20 minute taxi ride from the seminary where I teach to the school where my wife Bonnie teaches.  The taxi driver was Raul and he is also a minister in La Iglesia Torre Fuerte, the Strong Tower Church, and independent evangelical congregation. During the twenty minute ride we shared our faith in Christ, prayed together, and promised to keep in touch. I’m back in Arequipa and Raul and I did get in touch by e-mail. Last week he and I and his wife Shirley met for lunch at a restaurant near the church where the seminary is located. After lunch we walked over to the church. Once again we prayed together and sang a couple of songs. Shirley told me I have a nice voice and Raul said, I’ll bet you don’t need a mircophone when you preach.

A pension for promises

— Rollie Atkinson


I was recently reminded of a 1912 article published in The Healdsburg Tribune which reported that Healdsburg would soon have eight passenger trains daily. The article describes the increased convenience for Healdsburg businessmen who would be able to make a round trip to the City in one day, and for the San Francisco businessman “whose family might be spending the summer at one of the many resorts” in our area. I assume the link across the bay to San Francisco was a ferry from Sausalito. Anyway, it sounds pretty good to me and I hope I'm alive and kicking if and when the SMART train is running along the same route as 1912 trains and replicates their service.