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December 8, 2023

Letters, Aug. 24

Fitch Mountain Projects “The Healdsburg City Council allocated $2.77 million for the public access improvements in the 2022-23 budget.” (“Fitch Mountain Projects Underway,” Aug. 17.) So the City Council is spending almost $3 million for trail improvements on Fitch Mountain. What about fire prevention? Last time...

Letters, Aug. 17

Readers weigh in on proposed Piazza hotel, and two new Vertice projects

Flashbacks from Healdsburg

100 years ago Aug. 16, 1923 Locals Victors in Wild Game of Baseball In a game loosely played throughout, yet interesting because of the uncertainty of the final result, the Prune Packers on Sunday got back into the winning brackets after dropping two games in a row....

Snapshot: Pickleball Party

Folks are lining up to play pickleball in Healdsburg. There’s a paddle rack and new courts at Healdsburg High School. The bright green and blue colors perk up the tennis facility, now the Pickleball/Tennis facility. Scheduled play and available courts in Healdsburg, both public and...

Library’s New ‘BiblioBox’ Debuts

The Healdsburg Regional Library staff is recovering from our very busy summer reading programs this month, recharging and preparing for Back to School activities, as are many of you. This month, I’ll focus on reminding you about ongoing programs and services that you may...

Letters, Aug. 10

"As local residents who have an interest in our town’s development, we write in response to the newspaper articles recently informing us about your significant land acquisitions in our Downtown core..."

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 4

HEALDSBURG TRIBUNE Readers weight in on local developments, from the Raven Film Center to the Roundabout. Add your voice by sending email to [email protected].

Snapshot: Fireside Camping in America

The joys of camping are many. Open space. Fresh air. Preparing food outdoors. Sitting around a campfire. Falling asleep to peaceful sounds of birds and wildlife, feeling a gentle breeze at night, gazing up at the heavens’ stars on full display. If lucky, light pollution...

Snapshot: Rolling Down the River

Russian River water temperatures are about 70 degrees Fahrenheit now, much cooler than recent air temperatures trending above 100 degrees.


In great sorrow, we announce the passing of Waffles, whose full name was Wea Willy Waffles Willner. Waffles passed on July 3rd, one day before his 19th birthday.  Waffles was well known throughout Windsor. In his younger years, he was known in the soccer community...