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December 5, 2022

Bourgeois Paradise in Twilight of Empire

When you’re young, downtown is where your life unfolds. It starts at 12 with the comic book shop, moves on to the record store...

This Week in H’burg… Mister Scribbles’ Masterpiece

Reportedly, 17 years ago this wall at Fitch and Powell was a blank concrete block wall.  Often it would be “tagged.” That is until...

Once More Unto the Breach

Walking around H’burg, specifically Veterans Memorial Beach Park, I happened to notice a little book on a picnic table. It’s not every day that one...

Reflections on the Flag

Lots of stars and stripes around H’burg this week. Old Glory, here on University Avenue, rests unfurled every day. It’s protected by Plexiglas from...

Going Clubbing

You’ve probably heard that your hometown golf course is hilly, which means you play a hole that’s several hundred yards downhill, which makes the...

I tried making prune honey bread from an old recipe. The results were interesting.

Earlier this month, I was at the Healdsburg Museum looking through old editions of The Healdsburg Tribune to familiarize myself with Healdsburg’s Prune Blossom Tour, the subject of my latest feature article, and I came across a selection of recipes — prune nut squares, prune apricot pot roast and prune honey bread.

Commentary: Carbon gardening: A dirt simple solution to climate change

Picture this: you’re standing in the bathroom, watching the faucet gushing water into the bathtub. Suddenly, the bathtub is overflowing, and water is starting...

This Week in H’burg: Bud Break.

This Week in H’burg is a weekly column featuring photos and fun facts from local photographer Pierre Ratté. Each week we’ll feature a new photo from Ratté along with a fact about the subject matter of the photo.


100 years ago – March 30, 1922
Foppiano Winery


100 years ago – March 30, 1922 Fine monuments for two Italians Beautiful marble mausoleums will be erected to the memory of the late Angelo Lencioni...