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June 21, 2024

Letters to the Editor, April 4

Dear Editor: I am deeply concerned about the continued high turnover rate of the Healdsburg High School administration. From 2016 until now, only one principal has lasted longer than two years. What seems to be the problem? If they are being terminated, why do unqualified candidates...

Celebrate Library Week

Come celebrate National Library Week at Sonoma County Library, from April 7-13. The theme this year is “Ready, Set, Library!” National Library Week honors the invaluable contributions of libraries and library workers in communities across the nation, and serves as a reminder of the...

Flashbacks for April 4, 2024

100 years ago this week: With many residents of this city and its outlying valleys and many visitors from other parts of the county present, a new subordinate grange was organized in Healdsburg Monday night. The organization meeting was held in Red Men’s Hall, 43 persons having signed as charter members. The charter is to be kept open until next Saturday, when a meeting will be held for the purpose of closing it.

Snapshot: Tiny Food in a Box

With gasoline prices surging, household budgets struggle. Fortunately, there are significant charitable organizations addressing needs in and around Sonoma County.

Snapshot: Spring Is Sprung

Healdsburg’s fields and gardens are filled with flowers that a snapshot can’t display.. As if on cue, sunshine and flowers broke out for spring’s March 15th debut. Cherry blossoms, fields of daffodils (Narcissus) and yards with calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica).

Flashbacks for March 21, 2024

50 years ago this week: A 17-year-old Healdsburg High School student was arrested early Friday night after leading police on a streaking jaunt through the Healdsburg Safeway store.

Letters to the Editor, March 14

Dear Editor: To exploit every single aspect of a small town is not to appreciate—it is to dishonor.  After fully participating in the Vertice LLC a.k.a. Single Thread “Farm” community input meeting (2/7/24) held in Healdsburg’s former movie theater, I remain committed to asking questions about...

Snapshot: Only In It for the Protein

Apparently bears don’t attack hives for honey. Waking from winter’s slumber, bears want protein. Inside a beehive are larvae. That is what bears want.

Letters to the Editor, March 7

People are still talking about that Vertice meeting on Feb. 7 - and what it means for the future of a livable downtown. All this and more in Letters from our readers.

Flashbacks from Healdsburg, March 7

A Geyserville man submits the following proposed slogans, which will portray the idea that the Chamber is seeking to get at by means of this contest: “The Capital of the Prune World.” “The source of a nation’s breakfast.” “For good homes and prunes that pay.”