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May 28, 2023

Obituaries 3-24-16

Paula Combs Wurlitzer


About Time

Art sale to establish youth arts studio

Local art collector donates collection in honor of his late wife to fund children's art studio at Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Vital Living

According to one study of 31,337 children and adolescents, snacking can contribute up to 600 calories per day, mostly from high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods. Three snacks per day are common, and more than 27 percent of children’s daily caloric intake is coming from snacks. These snack habits are eroding mealtime where healthier food is generally served. My guess is that adults aren’t too far behind in these statistics.
chris bryant owner of one-o-one healdsburg

Fashion 101 On Display at One-o-One in Healdsburg

To understand the design aesthetics of Chris Bryant, the owner of One-o-One, fashionistas need look no farther than the website, 101Healdsburg.com. There, Chris and a...

An intimate performing arts venue is opening at the Paul Mahder Gallery

A new nonprofit performance and arts venue called The 222 is opening in Healdsburg at the Paul Mahder Gallery on Aug. 21.

Todd Snider Back in the ’Burg

Todd Snider is pretty much who, and what, he says he is: an alright guy. He’s a bit shaggy, his wardrobe does not appear...

The Sonoma Four

Art show celebrates treasured West County painters with deep local roots.

Bound for Glory

The Raven Players bring live outdoor entertainment to Healdsburg’s Downtown Plaza with their production of Woody Guthrie’s American Song: A Truly American Musical. Peter...