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April 20, 2024

Homemade Hot Coffee Considerations

When it comes to coffee, Sonoma County is blessed with a panoply of amazing local roasters and cafes. But how much of what is tasted and smelled in coffee comes from the bean itself or from the roasting process? And what is the best...

Bound for Glory

The Raven Players bring live outdoor entertainment to Healdsburg’s Downtown Plaza with their production of Woody Guthrie’s American Song: A Truly American Musical. Peter Glazer’s adaptation of the writings and songs of “America’s premiere folk poet” runs weekends July 1 through July 10. The show,...

Grand Cru Custom Crush Is a Winemaking Hub

In an era when it sometimes feels like big brands are taking over everything, custom crush and cooperative tasting room facilities that cater to small and micro producers offer consumers an opportunity to connect with small, burgeoning or start-up wineries. Launched in 2017 by wine...

Artists open up

Maybe it¹s universally true that the places where we work are

BloodRoot Hosts a Musical Ramble

Tucked into the calendar between the haute cuisine of the Healdsburg Wine & Food Experience and the musical mélange of the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, another lifestyle festival hits town: the BloodRoot Ramble.  It’s conceived by Noah and Kelly Dorrance, the owners of the BloodRoot Wines...

Local Boy Makes Movie: ‘War of the Wills’

Maybe not everybody has dreams of making a movie when they grow up, but George Dondero sure did. Now, 40 years after he used to watch second-run films at the old Aven Theater on North Street, today known as the Raven—films like Enter the Dragon,...


Nearly one-third of our children are either overweight or obese,

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Bridging the gap

‘The Art of Food’ on Display From Young Artists

The Healdsburg Center for the Arts (HCA) is highlighting the art of local primary school youth in their annual Young Artists exhibit, which opened March 14.   Education director Kelly Ebeling said that HCA is partnering with Little Saint and Saint Joseph’s Arts Foundation to feature...

Wheel of Light

This month five planets, including the Sun and Moon, will transit through the sign Scorpio. One of the most complex and intense of the 12 signs, Scorpio tends to get a lot of bad press. It’s not that what most people think about Scorpio is wrong. It’s more that there is little understanding about its nature. Each of the signs contributes something vitally significant to the human experience. What Scorpio contributes is the process of transformation and, through it, an understanding of eternal life.