12:38 a.m. Suspicious vehicle occupied on North Washington Street. Reporting party reports an occupied newer silver Mercedes parked one house south of this address with two juveniles sitting inside. Reporting party states the car is not from this neighborhood and would like subjects contacted.

3:05 a.m. Domestic related incident on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports he and his girlfriend are not getting along and requested an officer’s assistance. Reporting party is outside in front of the house and she is inside. 

10:34 a.m. Petty theft report on Muscat Drive. Caller reports men’s seven-speed green bicycle is missing, unknown when theft occurred. 

12:50 p.m. Warrant arrest at City Plaza. Officer contacted subject with four misdemeanor warrants, subject cited. 

3:02 p.m. Warrant arrest at City Plaza. Officer our with one citation to appear on a misdemeanor warrant. 

6:04 p.m. Stolen vehicle on North Cloverdale Boulevard. A white Ford stolen, had ladder rack with two orange ladders and $10,000 worth of contractor’s tools.



8:25 a.m. Suspicious vehicle on Port Circle and South Foothill Boulevard. Reporting party reports four vehicles having a party at the dead end with loud music. Reporting party stated they had been there for about a half hour, but left while on the phone.

1:50 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on North Washington Street. Reporting party reports a car parked in the middle of the street, dumped some bottles and a person out and left the area.

2:56 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on North Washington Street. Reporting party requests officer presence, moving stuff out and other parties are getting aggressive. 

6:06 p.m. Juvenile problem on Asti Road. Reporting party reports a small boy of about eight or 10 was walking on Asti Road, appeared to be crying and in distress. Unfounded. 

8:21 p.m. Suspicious circumstances at River Park. Reporting party reports she keeps hearing a female screaming out, reporting party cannot see anything, just hears repeated screams. Checks OK.



1:34 p.m. Suspicious person on Asti Road. Anonymous reporting walking in middle of the road pushing a cart toward the bridge. 

3:20 p.m. Petty theft report reported to police department. Walk-in reports stolen license plate. 



12:54 a.m. Suspicious vehicle unoccupied on Brookside Drive. Reporting party reports a sedan with its parking lights on parked in front of this address. Reporting party is unable to tell if it’s occupied and unable to see a license plate, make or model of vehicle. 

10:35 a.m. Assist Sonoma County Sheriff on Dutcher Creek Road. Anonymous reports male subject living in a trailer and throwing garbage out underneath Highway 101 overpass at Dutcher Creek Road. 

11:23 a.m. Accident no injuries at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Clerk reports accident by the gas pumps, subjects are no involved in verbal disturbance. Officer reports information exchanged. 

9:05 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on Tarman Drive. Bald man with shorts and black shirt walking southbound on Tarman, possibly stole something from him.

9:50 p.m. Skateboarding violation on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Warned and advised one about skating in the plaza.



12:35 p.m. Warrant arrest on Broad Street. Citizen self-surrendered on a citation to appear warrant.

7:13 p.m. Reckless driving on North Foothill Boulevard and Merlot Drive. Multiple callers reporting vehicle speeding around the park. Officers located and contacted the driver after vehicle was parked; subject was warned and advised on the consequences when driving recklessly.



4:46 a.m. Accident no details at Cloverdale Cemetery. Reporting party reports hearing what he believes was a vehicle accident. Reporting party cannot see any vehicles, only heard what he believes to be a vehicle accident. Reporting party cannot see any vehicles, only heard what he believed to be a vehicle accident. Reporting party could not provide any other information other than seeing a flashlight, but unable to provide the location of where the source of light is coming from. Officer reports negative vehicle accident, out with a disabled vehicle having mechanical issues. 

2:22 p.m. Battery at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports a male that has been drinking was inside restaurant when he was hit by a male. The suspect then left, wearing an over-sized black T-shirt and jeans, unknown direction of travel or how he left.

4:18 p.m. Battery on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports neighbor stabbed her brother with a key.


2:27 a.m. Suspicious vehicle occupied on Elbridge Avenue. Reporting party reports as they were sitting at this location a white SUV came up and almost ran into them trying to make contact with them to give them a lit candle. Reporting party left the area and the SUV followed them, so they turned around and went back up Treadway, making random turns and ended up on William Circle. Reporting party states SUV is not in sight and did not follow them this time. 

7:11 p.m. Disturbance and business on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller reports customer has been drinking, verbal disturbance after business refused to sell alcohol. Male subject last seen at the back door.

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