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April 14, 2024

Flashbacks for March 21, 2024

50 years ago this week: A 17-year-old Healdsburg High School student was arrested early Friday night after leading police on a streaking jaunt through the Healdsburg Safeway store.

Snapshot: Only In It for the Protein

Apparently bears don’t attack hives for honey. Waking from winter’s slumber, bears want protein. Inside a beehive are larvae. That is what bears want.

Snapshot: Only the Finest for Healdsburg

Think that Veuve Clicquot is co-branding port-a-potties? Who in the world thinks up a promotion scheme like that? Seriously, what is the messaging? A prankster relabeled a porta-potty on Healdsburg streets.

Flashbacks from Healdsburg, Feb. 22

As of 75 years ago, after raising over 25 percent of the $20,000 goal for ball park lights, the drive of the Healdsburg Community Recreation Lighting Committee was well under way.

The Longest Short Month of the Year at the Library

Happy February from the staff at the Healdsburg Library. We are enjoying high foot traffic inside the library so far in 2024. More people came to the library in January than any month since the start of the pandemic. In addition to the various events...

Snapshot: Blow That Horn

Perhaps the most famous trumpeter of the 20th century, Louis Armstrong was a force of nature on the music scene from the 1920s through 1971, when he passed away from a heart attack. Born in 1901, his New Orleans neighborhood, “the Battleground,” was a tough...

Snapshot: Two Rockies, One Range

Although lumped together as the “Rockies,” the Canadian and American Rockies are quite different, reports Pierre Ratte.

Snapshot: 40 Days, 40 Nights

The Sierra Nevada is experiencing a record amount of rainfall and snowfall, but the season's total snow so far being 87 inches pleas when compared to last year’s seasonal total of 687 inches.

Flashbacks from Healdsburg, Jan. 25

A world champion wrestler signed on to wrestle locally in Healdsburg, the environmental impact of geothermal energy development, and sending aid to a struggling post-War Europe in news from the Healdsburg Museum.

The Library: ‘Where everybody knows your name’

The Healdsburg Regional Library has become a place where the community gathers to share information, assistance and good cheer, and has become an "information ground" and "third place" for its users.