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July 14, 2024

Library Modernization Just a Summer Away

Interior library
'We are fielding a lot of questions these days about our upcoming Building Modernization Project. The planning stage of the project is nearing completion and we still anticipate a start date for construction around Sept. 1...'

Snapshot: The Look of Love

Horses in a field
'On cool days, their spot is on this hillock. On warmer summer days, their spot is beneath a shade tree. So regular are they, that anyone driving past the intersection of Mill Creek Road and Mill Creek Lane after 3pm will likely see them standing together or nuzzling...'

Flashbacks for June 13

Old touring car
Arthur L. Day, director of the Geographical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute, Washington, D.C., left here Friday for the volcano Kilauea, in the Island of Hawaii, after 10 days at The Geysers....

Snapshot: Gastronomic Gems

Table setting
“An Evening with a Farmer, Butcher, Chef and Unicorns” was the billing for an auction item from Sonoma County Vintners (SCV) in Healdsburg last week. SCV gives grants to more than 430 organizations in education, literacy, health, human services, art and culture...

Snapshot: Pride by Another Name

Rainbow fence
Rainbow colors on this Healdsburg fence and the flags celebrating Pride Month symbolize freedom, overarching beauty, something special and something joyful. Looking upon colorful flags and the happiness of Pride parades, it’s easy to forget the history that led to these colors and today’s freedoms....

Snapshot: It Started with Decoration Day

American Flag on truck
Despite Memorial Day’s deep significance, it was not recognized as a national holiday until 1971. The complex and poignant story of its becoming a national holiday echoes through the canyons of American history from the Civil War to the present...

Flashbacks for May 30

Old photo of Healdsburg Fair
News from 100, 75 and 50 years ago in Healdsburg, including the fact that two television sets will be in operation as part of the extensive program of entertainment planned for St. John’s County Fair to be held over the July Fourth weekend...

Check Out the Summer Programs at the Library

Librarian with Bike Cart
At the library, we will have numerous summer programs that have been popular in recent years, including a visit from some reptiles; a magic show; an exciting presentation about bees; storytelling, singing and dancing with Cascada de Flores; a safari encounter; and African drumming with Onye. ..

Snapshot: The Most Beautiful Car in the World?

Headlamp of Jaguar XKE
Designed by Malcolm Sayer, this automobile is occasionally described as a “mid-engine.” It was the fastest production car of its time. Its top speed was 150 mph. With independent front and rear suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes and an innovative chassis, this sports car showcased advanced technology and styling....

Flashbacks for May 16

Old photo of Simi winery customers
Excerpts from back issues of the Healdsburg Tribune, as curated by the Healdsburg Museum and Historic Society, from 100, 75 and 50 years ago...