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June 26, 2022

Trust, but verify

Among the many other benefits of living in beautiful and bountiful Sonoma County are our relative low level of crime and a feeling of safety in our neighborhoods, towns and highways. We should neither take this sense of security for granted nor disregard how dear a price we pay for our law enforcement and safekeeping.

Around Town

Foppoli attends a town council meeting at the ‘other’ Windsor

History Matters: Extreme individualism hurts community

One day, when I lived in Poland in the early 90s, I was detained by a police officer who pulled me over in the Tatra Mountains for some minor traffic violation. In getting my driver’s license and registration, he decided I needed to be breath tested at the police station. Puzzled, I went along in the back of the police car, tested 0.00 alcohol content, and the entire staff at the station apologized profusely as we got to talking. 

Vote by essay

The big election is less than two weeks away. It was a long year ago that we were first told Election Year 2020 would be historic, intense and outrageous. We had no idea then what 2020 would bring us — and maybe we still don’t.

A Sonoma Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we find ourselves living under very stern public health warnings not to travel or gather in large groups due to the continuing spread of coronavirus cases here and almost everywhere across the continent. It looks like there will be no big table gathering at grandma’s house this year. We’ll be in our own homes, trying to make the best of things, adding stuffing a turkey to our other shelter-in-place routines like distance learning, working at home and watching too much TV.

Commentary: Perspective and guidance from a storm water inspector

I have been responding to spills in the city of Santa Rosa for the last 17 years.


There is a lot going on in Healdsburg as we head into the summer months. The Tuesday concert series has begun, the Healdsburg Farmers' Market is up and running, summer camps and classes are beginning, and swim lessons at the Healdsburg Swim Center are underway. You should also see a number of street projects underway, thanks to Measure V funding. The increase in road construction activity includes slurry seal, street rehabilitation and sidewalk improvements. Please visit our website for a complete list, www.cityofhealdsburg.org.

Silver Linings

AARP Safe Driving Class—Wednesday & Thursday, Jan 15 and 16 • 1 to 5 p.m.


Do you pay income tax? You likely do. Even if you got a "refund"

Newsroom Notebook: Change

It’s a big job, community journalism. It doesn’t pay well; there are long hours and holiday work. For every uplifting story we write about sacrifice, accomplishment and joy, there’s another one about betrayal, conflict and disappointment.