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December 5, 2022

Old roots, young branches

August brings us to the time of year of all things agricultural. There’s the busyness of another harvest and the excitement of the Sonoma County and Gravenstein Apple fairs. It all happens with our county’s golden sunlit backdrop of open lands, fertile fields, trees and vines — and all under unobstructed skies. It’s a picture free of petty annoyances like traffic, urban noises, money woes or yesterday’s squabbles.

From the Library

Winter greetings from the Healdsburg Library. We continue to work preparing for additional open hours as a result of the passage of Measure Y. As you may have heard, the library system is hiring over 30 new positions across the county. We anticipate many additional positions opening up over the next year as we work to improve library services and continue to expand open hours. In addition, we face an uncommon opportunity to improve our collections. As always, we wish to provide the most helpful information we can. If you have suggestions — such as magazine subscriptions you wish we would provide — we are all ears. We still can’t provide everything, but we’ll try to grant requests if we can.

Is it fake or real news?

One thing already appears certain for 2019 and that is that all of us will continue to confront more and more fake news from the daily torrent of tweets, talk radio, faceless social media, Russian robots and our Nextdoor gossipers.

Silver Linings

Drop-in computer help, hearning screenings, and legal counseling for seniors

A Thanksgiving Strong

As with most parts of life in Sonoma County, now removed by one month from the Oct. 8 wildfires, our 2017 Thanksgiving gatherings will be unlike any previous ones, with extra thoughts and prayers reserved for the victims and volunteers of our region’s greatest natural disaster in history. The timing to pause and give thanks could not be better.

Flashbacks: A look back at local history, Jan. 10

100 years ago – January 23, 1919

Decoding Teenagers: It wasn’t me

When I was 15 I threw my first party while my parents were gone for a night. It wasn't big, maybe ten people. I...

Idlewood 3

Marie Butler

Ripe Rewards: The dogwood blooms

For years our beautiful and majestic dogwood tree stood silent. When we first bought the farm 20 years ago, it was like clockwork, and every spring our dogwood would bloom gorgeous white flowers, right in the front of the house. Cars stopped on Yoakim Bridge to photograph it. I think it is the most beautiful tree on our property, and maybe even in the Dry Creek Valley, though others would argue that. Perfect is the shape, shocking white is the bloom. Every spring we would marvel at this gem, and it was always a trigger, for when the dogwood blooms, we know we need to begin thinning our peach trees. 

Drawing the line on climate change

We are anxious for our next generation to get here and take over what’s left of this world. Some of us older folks are trying to reverse our global climate emergency and we are trying to get our elected leaders and giant corporations to pay attention to us. But we are mostly failing. As members of this older, tiring generation, we pray that the youngest among us may take our places in time to make real differences.