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September 29, 2023

About Town: Your Building Department, answering the call

The Building Department means different things to different people. Most people associate the Building Department with permits that allow them to build their home. Others use the Building Department to access plans and documents that were used to build on their property or when purchasing a property to check for permits that have been issued and finalized. These name a few services, but there are other resources that can be used.

Off the Top of My Head: Customer service used to mean a ‘customer’ got...

Having lived a few years sometimes seems to confuse my thinking. I get confused between what I grew up with and what I live with today — for example, customer service. When I was young, customer service meant someone would be trying to help me, the “customer,” with some “service.”  Often, businesses were rated on their customer service. 

Country Roads

Got my ‘goat’

Our Pulitzer moment

Later this month, on April 16, the 2018 Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, arts and letters will be handed out and we wanted to give you the “scoop” on the announcement of the winners. This newspaper, again, will not be part of the finalists’ list.

Flashbacks: A look back on local history

100 years ago – October 3, 1918

Community Corner

Ongoing through July 12 – Raven Players present Hello Dolly! At the Raven Theater. Start time

Humane Society of Sonoma County – Healdsburg Activity Log April 29 – May 5

Looking for a lost pet or a new four-legged friend? See the list of incoming strays and the slideshow (above) of cats and dogs available for adoption from the Sonoma Humane Society, Healdsburg Center.

Decoding Teenagers: When You Nail Something

There is something very satisfactory in knowing that you have completed a task well. Self pride and worth, that feeling of accomplishment is a natural mood booster. This last week, my two teens and I went hand in hand. We all “nailed something” as the old saying goes. And, it all happened right before our much needed and deserved Thanksgiving break.

Someday We’ll Laugh About This … Right?

Unexpected hiccup

Idlewood 3: Fall frolics

Savvy squirrels seem to find amber acorns, even in the chilly November fog. Send your early winter news nuggets to IDlewood 3…” at [email protected]. Hedda Healdsburg wants to know all!