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May 26, 2024

World Water Day

Thirty percent of the world’s population lacks adequate access to safe water and a child dies every 90 seconds on our planet from a water-related disease. Many schools and hospitals in underdeveloped countries lack safe drinking water or sanitation. It is statistics like these and...

Tech Corner

Q) My printer was very old and needed to be replaced, so I went to Best Buy and bought an all-in-one printer. The young man demonstrated it in the store and I liked the quality of the text and the photos that he printed. I brought it home and a neighbor helped me set it up. But it doesn’t work at all. What did we do wrong?

Constitutional sunshine

Next week (March 12-18) is when newspapers and journalists annually celebrate “National Sunshine Week,” dedicated to the preservation of freedom of the press, open government and the foundations of our people’s government as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Snapshot: Labor Day in Healdsburg

A bas-relief sculpture in Healdsburg along University Avenue harkens back to the days of manual labor when steel and iron workers built skyscrapers that changed America’s city skylines. The subject matter and style reflects Depression Era art coming from the Federal Emergency Relief Act, which...

Newsroom Notebook

It’s not an article

Ripe Rewards: Root vegetables

If there was a farming gold standard that recognized exceptional growing, sort of an Oscar or an Emmy Award equivalent, I think it would go to Tierra Vegetables.

Chamber update

Water, bikes, volunteers and an incubator

A Tale of Two Trees

Back in the ‘Burg. Here’s the Plaza’s beautifully decorated tree. And here’s another digital tree, beautiful in its simplicity at Healdsburg Community Church.  The Plaza’s tree is 43 feet tall and hails from Oregon. The sign next to the tree tells its story. Left in...

Humane Society of Sonoma County – Healdsburg Activity Log Dec. 3-9

Looking for a lost pet or a new four-legged friend? See the list of incoming strays and the selection of cats and dogs available for adoption from the Healdsburg Center for Animals.

To gift or not to gift

Susan Swartz