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May 26, 2024

Country Roads: Tulbends

We’re going to the park today. Let’s go to the zoo! Spring break, we’ll take a drive to Disneyland. How about Sunday at Golden Gate Park?

America and football

During the years of the Spanish Flu pandemic (1918-20) only some public gatherings were banned. As with our current COVID-19 pandemic, sports leagues and teams persisted in finding ways to keep the games happening. Major League baseball played a normal schedule in 1918 and it was later proved that the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs was a virus “super spreader” event. Professional football’s popularity was yet to happen and college football was still king of the sport. Most colleges played on with only 18 prominent schools canceling their games. (Don’t forget, these were also the years of World War I.)

Cannabis Country: A voice of caution in cannabis conundrum

Marijuana seems to be almost everywhere in Sonoma County and not always where it ought to be. High school and even middle school kids smoke before, after and in-between classes. On highways and country lanes, drivers too stoned to adhere to the basic rules of the road jeopardize their lives and the lives of others.

America Saves Week

Set a goal, make a plan and save automatically

Trump vs Sonoma County

Remember how we all wanted the Clinton-Trump campaign to be over so all the noise, ranting and ugly attacks would end and we could safely watch TV and read the national news again? Who knew our post-inauguration world would also beckon a  regime of post-truth, alternative facts and government-by-Twitter?

We are a racist country with a culture of tolerating it

We are a racist country with a culture of tolerating it. This can’t be news to anyone.

Body Oppression Teach-In

Body oppression is defined as being treated less well because of something about your body (size, color, age, gender expression, disability).


We don't know how the sordid saga of the French mogul versus the

Measure AA – Too much bureacracy

By now we’ve all seen the stunning pictures of humpback whales swimming in San Francisco Bay and received in our mailboxes the expensive color brochures touting the benefits of Measure AA. The well-funded proponents of Measure AA would have us believe that $500 million in new taxes will result in a clean and healthy San Francisco Bay for ourselves and future generations.

Flashbacks: A look back at local history

100 years ago – November 22,1917