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September 22, 2023

Art of the Yard

Yard art around town comes in many forms. Whimsical. Creative. Unique. Here are a fun few. These cacti sporting sunglasses and straw hats are...

Rain Is for the Dogs

After a rain, outdoor settings smell fresher, better. The word for that smell is “petrichor.” Scents are more easily detected on cool, moist days because...

Cannabis Country: Marijuana madness and some sanity, too

Madness and greed have sparked a spate of home invasions, violent crimes and robberies, some botched, that have taken place from Cloverdale and Santa Rosa to Sebastopol and Petaluma.

Flooded Waterways, Snow Covered Highways

Rainstorms in Sonoma usually mean snowstorms in Tahoe. As of Jan. 10, snowpack in the Sierra is 214% of normal, according to the California...

Cannabis Country: Weed, wine, trees and the law

A bill recently drafted by State Senator Mike McGuire but not yet law has mustered only modest interest locally. That’s because there are currently 11 other marijuana bills before the California State legislature, some aimed at protecting cannabis patients and consumers.

Wheel of Light, April 2017

In a political climate in which lying has become the new normal and alternative facts are presented as reality, a transiting aspect is coming...

All Trucks, Great and Small

Imagine a small kid, five years old, getting a Tonka truck for Christmas. Imagine later that kid playing with a dad who has slightly...

Commemorating Our Veterans

Veterans Day occurs Nov. 11. Originally conceived as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I on the 11th hour, of the...

A quiet walk on Earth Day

With the sight of blooming spring flowers, early morning treks to the farmers markets and casual afternoons at the many pandemic parklets and outdoor cafés, life in Sonoma County keeps opening a bit wider with each day. With many indoor spaces still closed or limited to public access, we are finding more things to do closer to nature and unconfined by walls, roofs and artificial lighting.

Memorializing With Merriment

Healdsburg’s Plaza was alive with Dia de los Muertos celebrations recently. Pathways in the plaza were chalked with flor de muerto, marigold petals were...