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June 4, 2023

Cannabis Country: Marijuana madness and some sanity, too

Madness and greed have sparked a spate of home invasions, violent crimes and robberies, some botched, that have taken place from Cloverdale and Santa Rosa to Sebastopol and Petaluma.

A quiet walk on Earth Day

With the sight of blooming spring flowers, early morning treks to the farmers markets and casual afternoons at the many pandemic parklets and outdoor cafés, life in Sonoma County keeps opening a bit wider with each day. With many indoor spaces still closed or limited to public access, we are finding more things to do closer to nature and unconfined by walls, roofs and artificial lighting.

Art of the Yard

Yard art around town comes in many forms. Whimsical. Creative. Unique. Here are a fun few. These cacti sporting sunglasses and straw hats are...

Porsche Seen About Town Defies the Odds

Dang. What in the barnyard-livin’, truck-drivin’, T-shirt-wearin’, country-croonin’, cuzzin-cussin’, doggone tarnation is this? Photo of the week? Could be photo of the year, don’t...

Cannabis Country: Pioneering biodynamic farmer

Mike Benziger grows some of the best marijuana in Northern California. He grows it biodynamically at “Glentucky Family Farm.”

Old school and new school

The other day, I learned heaps from Jamie Evans, a lively cannabis educator and an innovative cannabis cook, who will speak at the third annual Wine & Weed Symposium in August. (wine-weed.com/nc/) Evans isn’t just cooped up in a kitchen or at one of the many cannabis events she produces. She gets out and about and into fields.

But I Digress …The song is over (or is it?)

Of all the great imponderables of life, one keeps retuning to my thoughts like a poorly digested burrito. I speak not of the cosmic why of our existence, nor of the vastness of space and what lies beyond our increasingly expanding horizons. No, I refer to something far weightier: why do some pop songs have a definitive ending and some just fade out?

Memorializing With Merriment

Healdsburg’s Plaza was alive with Dia de los Muertos celebrations recently. Pathways in the plaza were chalked with flor de muerto, marigold petals were...

Wheel of Light, February 2017

Each year there are four eclipses. Two occur during a new Moon, when the Moon blocks the Sun. Two occur at the full Moon, when the earth blocks the Moon. This month there will both kinds of eclipses. The full Moon lunar eclipse takes place on February 10 at 22 degrees of Leo and the new Moon solar eclipse happens on February 26 at 8 degrees of Pisces. The eclipse is most significant and impactfull when those degrees are occupied by a planet in one’s natal chart or if those degrees are on the angles of one’s natal chart.

Supervisor Gore addresses Windsor Democratic Club

Fourth District Supervisor James Gore spoke at the Windsor Democratic Club on July 27. With a tone of informality, the 39-year-old Gore, who will become the board’s chair in January, gave some insight into the broad range of issues he faces daily.