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December 4, 2022

Wheel of Light, February 2017

Each year there are four eclipses. Two occur during a new Moon, when the Moon blocks the Sun. Two occur at the full Moon, when the earth blocks the Moon. This month there will both kinds of eclipses. The full Moon lunar eclipse takes place on February 10 at 22 degrees of Leo and the new Moon solar eclipse happens on February 26 at 8 degrees of Pisces. The eclipse is most significant and impactfull when those degrees are occupied by a planet in one’s natal chart or if those degrees are on the angles of one’s natal chart.

Supervisor Gore addresses Windsor Democratic Club

Fourth District Supervisor James Gore spoke at the Windsor Democratic Club on July 27. With a tone of informality, the 39-year-old Gore, who will become the board’s chair in January, gave some insight into the broad range of issues he faces daily.

Cannabis Country: In 2019 it’s all about survival

Less than a month ago, I attended an hour-long panel, “Tips for Making Money in the Newly Regulated Market,” that took place at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa.

Cannabis Country: Marijuana madness and some sanity, too

Madness and greed have sparked a spate of home invasions, violent crimes and robberies, some botched, that have taken place from Cloverdale and Santa Rosa to Sebastopol and Petaluma.

James Araby: Union organizer in the cannabis industry

Not that long ago, cannabis was a part of agriculture, and before that it was part of the counterculture.

Cannabis Country: Weed, wine, trees and the law

A bill recently drafted by State Senator Mike McGuire but not yet law has mustered only modest interest locally. That’s because there are currently 11 other marijuana bills before the California State legislature, some aimed at protecting cannabis patients and consumers.

Wheel of Light, April 2017

In a political climate in which lying has become the new normal and alternative facts are presented as reality, a transiting aspect is coming...

Wheel of Light – December 2016

This is the month of the Winter Solstice. To ancient people living in the northern hemisphere this was considered the most spiritually important day of the year. It was when the Sun reached the southernmost point of its annual journey. The shortest day, the longest night had been reached and, with the Sun turning and heading back north, it offered the promise of the return of the light. Life would continue for another year. It’s as if our contract with the Divine is being renewed and we can plan for the ways in which we can express our creative energy for another cycle of life.

Cannabis country: organized and disorganized criminals

I recently received an email from a reputable reporter who works for a reputable newspaper. The reporter said she reads my Cannabis Country columns and wanted to know what I knew about organized crime in the marijuana industry. Her email to me was prompted by a conversation she had with an elected official who claimed that “Bulgarian organized crime runs cannabis in Humboldt County, Laotian organized crime runs cannabis in Trinity and Cal Fire wouldn't go into those areas without law enforcement accompanying them.”

Commentary: Was the primary process rigged against the political revolution?

In a provocative presentation to the Windsor/North County Democratic Club on June 23 progressive activist, Dale Axelrod, contended that the primary process was rigged by the Democratic Party establishment against Senator Bernie Sanders in a way that even Senator Sanders may not have fully considered.