Police Station
HEADQUARTERS The Healdsburg Police station at 238 Center St. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Tuesday, Aug. 15

1:51pm. A subcontractor was removed from a job site on Healdsburg Avenue but returned with four other males. When confronted, they claimed they were there to work. They were escorted off the premises again and later the reporting party (RP) noticed damage to some property. An officer responded, and a report was taken.

2:44pm. A sexual assault was reported by the Healdsburg District Hospital on University Avenue after the patient arrived in critical condition. The report of the assault was referred to the Cloverdale Police Department.

3:43pm. A bus driver flagged down an officer at Plaza Park at Healdsburg Avenue to report that a transient kicked the bus and caused damage. The bus driver did not want to press charges.  The officer took a report.

4:14pm. Petty theft was reported at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. A male came into the store and put things worth approximately $215 into a handbasket and walked out with the basket. The store is willing to press charges, and the officer took a report. 

4:16pm. Vehicle tampering occurred on Almond Way. Someone had been removing the bumper trim from the RP’s vehicle. An officer responded and took a report.

6:28pm. Petty theft occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. A man took cookies, hot food and soda water valued at approximately $20. Officers responded and made contact with the 31-year-old (YO) male at Chevron and cited him for shoplifting and violating probation.

Wednesday, Aug. 16

12:19pm. The RP indicated a woman was yelling obscenities at children at Badger Park on Heron Drive. The RP stated the woman appears to be “on something.” No drugs, weapons or alcohol were seen. An officer responded; no further assistance was needed.

Thursday, Aug. 17

1:12am. A woman kept trying to get into the RP’s house on Prentice Drive by reaching into the mail slot and trying to unlock the door. The woman also believed her brother was in the RP’s truck, which the RP said was not true. An officer responded, arrested the 44 YO on charges of being under the influence of a controlled substance and resisting arrest, and transported her to Sonoma County jail.

1:31am. The California Highway Patrol reported that a maroon pickup truck was swerving all over the road and exited Hwy 101 in Healdsburg. An officer checked the area and located the vehicle at 7-Eleven. A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver was released because the DUI was unfounded.

6:58am. A RP on Grant Street stated an ex-employee, who quit two days earlier, was now making threats via text. The subject left to deal with drugs and alcohol issues. An officer responded and took a report.

10:55am. Graffiti was reported at the Healdsburg Boys and Girls Club on Piper Street. The RP noticed new (after Aug. 4) graffiti on the back of the Teen Center building. An officer responded and took a report.

1:55pm. The RP stated that an extremely drunk person slurring words with an unsteady gait was on their porch on Spur Ridge Lane. An ambulance was requested, and the subject was transferred to Sutter Hospital.

2:57pm. The RP stated that a woman came into Debbie’s Pet Boutique on Center Street and ripped items off the walls, dumped all the turtle food into the store’s turtle tank and refused to leave. The RP stated the woman left. They were advised to call back if the woman returns.

3:17pm. A cyber crime occurred at Healdsburg High School (HHS) on Prince Avenue. The RP indicated that a computer account was compromised, and hackers obtained student email addresses. Subsequently, phishing emails advertising an executive personal assistant job opening were sent to students. When students responded with interest, a reply email prompted the students for bank account information. An officer responded and spoke to the RP via telephone.

5:35pm. Disturbing the peace on East Street. RP stated that music was played at an exceedingly loud volume for two hours. Officers responded and a 35 YO male was arrested for a probation violation and disturbing the peace.

9:37pm. Reckless driving was reported at Healdsburg High School on Prince Avenue. The RP indicated a vehicle was doing donuts in the parking lot. Officers responded, but the subject was gone on arrival.

10:09pm. A 38 YO woman was stopped on Adeline Way at Railroad Avenue for a tail light problem and cited for driving with a suspended license and putting a child in danger.

11:57pm. An officer stopped a vehicle traveling southbound on Highway 101 at the bottom of the offramp at Old Redwood Highway for a tail light problem. A 68 YO male was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and transported to county jail.

Friday, Aug. 18

2:24am. An officer stopped a vehicle for expired registration on Vine Street at Matheson Street. A 42 YO man was arrested for driving with a suspended license and possession of illegal drugs. A 33 YO man was arrested for possession of illegal drugs, and both were transported to county jail.

11:39am. The RP said homeless people have started a fire at the back of the quarry on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded to the encampment fire. A 26 YO woman was arrested and taken to county jail for drug paraphernalia possession and for a warrant out of Humboldt County.

1:07pm. The RP said a man stole an antique toy truck (valued at $250) and a Disney toy bus (valued at $95) from Antique Harvest on Healdsburg Avenue. He then went to Modern Antiquarium down the street to sell the items. The RP is willing to press charges.

6:32pm. The RP indicated an intoxicated woman in the parking lot of Dollar Tree on Vine Street may hurt herself. The woman fell onto the RP and was barely able to talk. She was ranting about her horrible life, but when officers arrived she was gone and could not be located.

6:43pm. A 21 YO man was arrested on Vine Street and transported to county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a required interlock device (requires an alcohol breath test to operate the vehicle), driving with an open container of alcohol and violating probation.

Saturday, Aug. 19

12:53am. A car was stopped near Plank Coffee on Dry Creek Road for crossing double lanes, unsafe lane changes and driving faster than safe. The driver, a 42 YO male, was arrested and transported to county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with an open container of alcohol.

9:31am. The RP indicated she was the victim of fraud on March Avenue. She sold her entertainment system that she advertised on Craigslist for $500. She stated she received a check for $2,960 and was advised to mail back the difference of $2,260 in cash. After the RP mailed the cash, the RP was informed by the bank that the check she received was not good. An officer took a report.

4:22pm. A drunk driver was arrested on Rosewood Drive at Parkland Farms Boulevard. The RP stated that a woman approached her children crying, “not her problem that she is homeless.” The RP did not see drugs or weapons, but said the woman is holding a cup and appears to be drunk with an unsteady gait, slurring speech and glassy eyes. The woman then got into a vehicle and drove southbound. An officer responded and arrested the 60 YO woman for driving under the influence of alcohol and violating probation. She was transported to county jail. 

6:01pm. A cyber crime was reported on Spur Ridge Lane. The RP stated she was contacted via WhattsApp, where the subject stated the subject is a Somalian soldier and is stuck in Somalia with the RP’s daughter. The RP took out two loans to send to the subject, one for $10K and the other for $15K. The RP has also wire transferred more than $50,000 from the subject’s account to other people. The RP has screenshots of the transactions and is genuinely concerned for the subject and his daughter. The RP and the subject last spoke on Aug. 16. The RP was referred to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

6:04pm. A burglary to a vehicle occurred on Red Winery Road. The RP was transferred to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

9:43pm. The RP stated that he saw an adult male walk up to his front porch on Healdsburg Avenue and lay down in front of his door at 9:15pm. At 9:30, the subject got up and walked further onto the RP’s property. The RP has a video of the incident from his front door camera and would like the subject removed if he is still on the property. The subject was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Sunday, Aug. 20

1:03am. A driver was stopped for unsafely changing lanes and driving at an unsafe speed on Rosewood Drive. A 42 year old man was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol.

12:07pm. A verbal disturbance occurred at Badger Park on Heron Drive, where a woman was in a white van screaming. An officer responded and advised her to stop screaming.

12:29pm. A woman was causing issues at Bowdon Designs on Healdsburg Avenue. She was asked to leave but refused to do so. The woman asked employees to help her find her “king.” The subject left while the RP was on the phone with the police, and the RP was advised to call back if she returns.

4:07pm. A petty theft occurred at Healdsburg Lumber Company on Healdsburg Avenue. A man stole a Bosch power tool. An officer responded and took a report.

11:07pm. The RP stated that a man is outside of 7-Eleven on Healdsburg Avenue. The man has previously come into the business and fought with workers. The RP stated the subject is not doing anything right now, but the RP does not want the man nearby. Officers responded and advised the subject not to return to the business.

11:43pm. The RP stated that the same man from the 11:07pm incident above is back. When the RP walked outside, the subject walked toward him. An officer responded, but the subject was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

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