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February 25, 2024

Big ‘P,’ little ‘p’ politics

For some time now it has seemed more and more dangerous to fall into any discussion about politics. We stopped talking politics around the Thanksgiving table and it’s risky in most other places, too. Even some marriages have suffered and long friendships have been broken off.

Our story thus far

The beginning of this story about this local newspaper has only been told to a few people. In 1995, the Walnut Creek-based corporation that owned this and three other local newspapers decided to shut them all down after failing to find a new corporate buyer. But, instead of abandoning the papers, the corporation accepted two separate offers from two families to each purchase half of the four papers. The Atkinson and Mays households formed Sonoma West Publishers and bought The Sebastopol Times & News and Russian River News and merged them together as Sonoma West Times & News. Tom and Beverly Reeves and their children bought The Healdsburg Tribune and The Windsor Times on the very same day as the Sonoma West transaction (May 30, 1995.) The newspapers were not only saved but they were put in the hands of experienced and dedicated newspaper people.

Commentary: Carbon gardening: A dirt simple solution to climate change

Picture this: you’re standing in the bathroom, watching the faucet gushing water into the bathtub. Suddenly, the bathtub is overflowing, and water is starting to flood your bathroom. Naturally, you turn off the faucet, the water stops flowing, and the floodwater stops rising. Phew!...

World Water Day

Thirty percent of the world’s population lacks adequate access to safe water and a child dies every 90 seconds on our planet from a water-related disease. Many schools and hospitals in underdeveloped countries lack safe drinking water or sanitation.

Rain Is for the Dogs

After a rain, outdoor settings smell fresher, better. The word for that smell is “petrichor.” Scents are more easily detected on cool, moist days because water molecules capture scents and “hold” them for all to smell.  Morning dew aggregates scent molecules. That’s one reason why tracking...

Paddling Tomales Bay at Heart’s Desire Beach

This past weekend included the pleasure of kayaking Tomales Bay with a youth group. It’s fun to be out with tween-agers. Their energy seems boundless. Their enjoyment rising from the moment. Their wonderment a reminder of life approached with curiosity and fully explored.  Will creatures...

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 4

HEALDSBURG TRIBUNE Readers weight in on local developments, from the Raven Film Center to the Roundabout. Add your voice by sending email to [email protected].

Italy’s Famous Christmas Cake

Panettone is another one of Italy’s culinary gifts to the world. It’s a brioche-like cake filled with raisins and candied fruits, traditionally enjoyed over the Christmas holiday.  Italy reportedly produces 117 million panettone each year, about 10% for export. Italian production since 2005 is regulated...

I tried making prune honey bread from an old recipe. The results were interesting.

Earlier this month, I was at the Healdsburg Museum looking through old editions of The Healdsburg Tribune to familiarize myself with Healdsburg’s Prune Blossom Tour, the subject of my latest feature article, and I came across a selection of recipes — prune nut squares, prune apricot pot roast and prune honey bread.

Commentary: Veterans Day

Since its very beginnings, this community has had a very proud tradition of military service. Healdsburg area citizens have stepped forward to serve their country’s military, beginning with the Mexican War when less than two months after the declaration of war on May 13, 1846 local militias supported United States Marines and sailors for the occupation of Sonoma on July 9, 1846 after California had been declared part of the United States. Area residents have served in every major and most of the lesser wars and military deployments since.