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December 5, 2022

From the Library: Library resources for heading back to school

The staff at the library is excited to be there to help our community as we begin another school year in Healdsburg. If you are a student of any age, a teacher or a parent, we have something helpful to offer this year as we prepare for another chapter of this action-packed story of life in the 21st century.

Business and Government

There’s a prevailing difference of opinion over whether

Healdsburg Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4, 2022

Storage not shortage


—Rollie Atkinson

Commentary 9-1-16

Healdsburg at a crossroads

A quiet walk on Earth Day

With the sight of blooming spring flowers, early morning treks to the farmers markets and casual afternoons at the many pandemic parklets and outdoor cafés, life in Sonoma County keeps opening a bit wider with each day. With many indoor spaces still closed or limited to public access, we are finding more things to do closer to nature and unconfined by walls, roofs and artificial lighting.

Who’s spending your taxes?

Guess what time it is? It’s time to dig out that shoebox full of crumbled paper receipts, mysterious and unopened forms from the bank and mortgage companies and also retrieve those annual W-2 statements and other miscellaneous pieces of paper labeled “Important Tax Documents Enclosed.” Hot diggity, it’s tax preparation season again.

From the Library

Editor's note: The Tribune accidentally printed an old From the Library column this week. The correct column, updated at noon on April 16, is below.

Our story thus far

The beginning of this story about this local newspaper has only been told to a few people. In 1995, the Walnut Creek-based corporation that owned this and three other local newspapers decided to shut them all down after failing to find a new corporate buyer. But, instead of abandoning the papers, the corporation accepted two separate offers from two families to each purchase half of the four papers. The Atkinson and Mays households formed Sonoma West Publishers and bought The Sebastopol Times & News and Russian River News and merged them together as Sonoma West Times & News. Tom and Beverly Reeves and their children bought The Healdsburg Tribune and The Windsor Times on the very same day as the Sonoma West transaction (May 30, 1995.) The newspapers were not only saved but they were put in the hands of experienced and dedicated newspaper people.

I tried making prune honey bread from an old recipe. The results were interesting.

Earlier this month, I was at the Healdsburg Museum looking through old editions of The Healdsburg Tribune to familiarize myself with Healdsburg’s Prune Blossom Tour, the subject of my latest feature article, and I came across a selection of recipes — prune nut squares, prune apricot pot roast and prune honey bread.