POLICE ESCORT Healdsburg Police Officer leads the way for the fastest runner in the Fitch Mountain Footrace, June 18, 2023.

Monday, Sept. 4

12:53am Reckless driving occurred at St. Paul’s Rectory on Matheson Street. The Reporting Party (RP) stated he heard an argument outside, then someone got into a vehicle and drove recklessly around the neighborhood. An officer responded but the vehicle was unable to be located.

3:01pm A report was taken regarding graffiti on Terrace Boulevard at Alley 6.

3:25pm The RP called to indicate her neighbor was driving with a suspended license on Orchard Street at South Fitch Mountain Road. Advice was given to the RP.

3:44pm A report was taken regarding graffiti at the University Street Apartments on University.

8:07pm The RP indicated her bike was stolen from the back of Safeway on Vine Street. The bike was not locked up but was leaning against a metal fence. An officer spoke with the RP and took a report.

Tuesday, Sept. 5

12:48am A report was taken regarding graffiti on Mill Street at East Street.

4:05am The RP called from Safeway on Vine Street indicating a woman was at the store and needed help because she said her husband beat her up. The husband and wife have a protection order in place. A 47-year-old (YO) man was arrested for domestic violence and transported to county jail.

6:45am The police went to the L&M Motel on Healdsburg Avenue to arrest a 44 YO woman for assault with a deadly weapon, violating probation, assault and battery. The woman was brought to county jail.

7:22am to 5:02pm. Extensive reports of graffiti in Healdsburg at multiple locations, culminating with arrest of two juveniles for felony vandalism at 10:27pm.

8:16am A burglary occurred at Healdsburg Optometry on March Avenue. A window was broken and the door was open in the back of the building. Officers responded and took a report.

Wednesday, Sept. 6

11:58am A very agitated man threatened to enter the locked part of the emergency room and also threatened to hit the security guard. Officers responded and the man promised to wait outside for his significant other.

1:34pm A juvenile turned herself in as an accomplice to all the graffiti in town. She was arrested for graffiti and gang affiliation.

6:48pm The RP indicated he and his wife received annoying phone calls likely from his wife’s ex-boyfriend. The officer provided advice.

Thursday, Sept. 7

12:22am A juvenile was arrested for a probation violation on West Grant Street.

12:35pm A report was taken regarding graffiti on Bridle Path.

3:34pm The RP indicated a person was driving behind her on Rosewood Drive and violating a court order. A detective was assigned to follow up and make a report.

9:08pm The RP indicated two people yelled at and pushed each other at L & M Motel on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded and contacted both subjects. A 44 YO woman was arrested and transported to county jail for domestic violence, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of probation.

9:23pm The RP indicated she saw a trespasser on her property on Westside Road earlier in the day. The RP was referred to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Friday, Sept. 8

1:11am A 31 YO man was arrested at Dry Creek Inn on Dry Creek Road and brought to county jail for loitering, altering a vehicle identification number (VIN) and possession of burglary tools.

3:50pm Petty theft occurred at Rete on Matheson Street. An officer responded and took a report.

4:38pm A stolen vehicle was recovered on Pozzan Road. The vehicle was located by California Highway Patrol on 9/7/2023.

Saturday, Sept. 9

12:38am A vehicle was stopped on Mill Street at Center Street for a rear light violation. A 43 YO woman was arrested and transported to county jail for carrying a concealed dirk or dagger, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft of lost property, driving on a suspended license and violating probation.

9:06am An officer cited a 46 YO man at his residence on Hummingbird Court regarding a Sonoma County warrant for driving on a suspended license and driving without vehicle registration. 

9:40am The RP indicated a man was verbally aggressive when she confronted him at Healdsburg Airport and Aviation on Lytton Springs Road about flying early in the morning and not abiding by FAA regulations. The RP was advised to report flying violations to the FAA.

1:04pm An officer cited a 58 YO man at his residence on Brown Street regarding a Sonoma County warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia.

4:41pm The RP indicated there was an intoxicated man at Agave Mexican Restaurant on Vine Street. Officers responded and arrested a 33 YO man for public intoxication and resisting arrest, and transported him to county jail.

8:32pm A vehicle was stopped at Simi Winery on Healdsburg Avenue for a rear light violation. A 28 YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher.

Sunday, Sept. 10

2:11am The RP indicated subjects were disturbing the peace at Carson Warner Skate Park on Grove Street. Officers responded and contacted the subjects.

2:20am A felony probation search was conducted at Carson Warner Skate Park on Grove Street. A 21 YO man was cited and released for violating probation.

10:14pm Vandalism reported at Healdsburg City Hall on Grove St. RP believes one of the charging stations had the lock broken off. Officers responded, all charging stations checked OK.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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