I am a Sonoma State University student interning for The Borgen Project as a project ambassador. We are a nonprofit organization working to end global poverty by making it a focus of U.S. foreign policy. 

The world and our lives extend far beyond ourselves. We can have a positive impact on others who live on this planet by becoming global citizens. As a global citizen, you recognize that you are not just an American, but a citizen of the planet, and because of this, it is your duty to help other citizens in need. 

One of the pieces of legislation our organization is working to pass is the Mental Health in International Development and Humanitarian Settings (MINDS) Act. This act will put investments into international mental health programs and help break the cycle of poverty abroad. 

I choose to become a Borgen project ambassador because I want to see change actually be made. I want to be proactive in the future of this planet. You can help by going to borgenproject.org/legislation/ to email and call your congresspeople about the legislation that needs to be passed in order to help our fellow humans. Thank you. 

Rachel Burson
Borgen Project Ambassador
Sonoma State

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