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June 20, 2024

Constitutional sunshine

Next week (March 12-18) is when newspapers and journalists annually celebrate “National Sunshine Week,” dedicated to the preservation of freedom of the press, open government and the foundations of our people’s government as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.


July 27 - 30 - Friends of the Healdsburg

A Thanksgiving Strong

As with most parts of life in Sonoma County, now removed by one month from the Oct. 8 wildfires, our 2017 Thanksgiving gatherings will be unlike any previous ones, with extra thoughts and prayers reserved for the victims and volunteers of our region’s greatest natural disaster in history. The timing to pause and give thanks could not be better.

Commentary: From the Library

Recently, I was asked, “What is the value of your library card?”

From the Library

Winter greetings from the Healdsburg Library. We continue to work preparing for additional open hours as a result of the passage of Measure Y. As you may have heard, the library system is hiring over 30 new positions across the county. We anticipate many additional positions opening up over the next year as we work to improve library services and continue to expand open hours. In addition, we face an uncommon opportunity to improve our collections. As always, we wish to provide the most helpful information we can. If you have suggestions — such as magazine subscriptions you wish we would provide — we are all ears. We still can’t provide everything, but we’ll try to grant requests if we can.


Cheeks up

Humanity First

Gay’s employment plays major role in area’s philanthropy

Build walls, not The Wall

Our government has been shut down for the longest period in history.

Wine Words: The comfort of wine

It is 5 p.m. during a pandemic. On these warm spring evenings, I pour myself a glass of crisp Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc and head outside to join my sheltering in place companion, nature. Admiring an outdoor water feature, structured after Andy Goldsworthy’s...

Cannabis Country: The fires of 2017

John Sugg, 62, had a ringside seat for some of the biggest blazes that swept across Santa Rosa this past October. The President of the Sonoma Patient Group, which is the second oldest medical cannabis dispensary in northern California, Sugg lives west of 101 near Cleveland Avenue.